Full text search index plugin for all text in a vault?

Most products have a full text search capability (contact managers, email clients, etc), often using SQLLite and things like that, allowing for fast search of all note bodies, not just peripheral metadata.

I understand that we currently have a search index on tags and other things in Obsidian, but there is no indexed search across the bodies of all notes.

Is there a plugin in the works that will allow for a quick boolean search on every bit of text in a vault?

Thank you.


Are plug-in ideas automatically registered in the feature requests queueu, somehow? Not getting any traction on this idea here…

I think this is more of a feature request, since it may require an upgrade to obsidian’s search engine (btw, all contents in the obsidian vault are just plain text, maybe you can find solutions outside obsidian for now? The update may take some time.)

Here are the complex searches that could be done so far: https://publish.obsidian.md/help/Plugins/Search

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I’m not worried that much about how complex the searches are-- they are plenty complex from what I see-- I care about indexing to allow for scalability and performance to large note numbers. We simply don’t have it. Some apps that track notes and second brain type items have been stress tested to 1 million, 2 million notes, at good performance at 250 thousand notes and above. We have documented forum posts about real-world tests at 12 thousand, 15 thousand notes Obsidian notes, with things slowing way down.

For this index plugin, nothing out-out-of-this-world under the hood, just a full text indexing system, where query results can be near-instantaneous. Like my Thunderbird email client, with 15 years of email, the SQLite index itself is over 1.5 gigs. But when I search for a search term, it somes up in 1 second.

@aidenlx, I appreciate you helping. I will be looking into external tools in the interim, because i have no other choice. Obsidian is really a great product, which is busting at the seams with great UX design and features.

I suggest that it’s a great time to turn more attention now to a robust highly-scalable back end. The adoption at enterprises would skyrocket, because Obsidian would go from being seen as a beautiful and remarkably versatile tool, to a must-have, mission-capable, scalable and reliable home for much more knowledge than previously possible.

And again, there are many “low tech” ways (not needing large license fees) to accomplish this – SQLite, firebirdsql.org, so on. Far be it for me to say any more than this, because the implementation and considerations are far above me, but I see what is used elsewhere to smartly wrangle and present – quickly-- large data sets. The ease of use and quality of experience at large note counts GREATLY increases.

Obsidian can do it. I know they can! :slight_smile: :love_letter:

Maybe you should move this post to Feature Request so more people can see it.

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@WahWah already opened a similar feature request. Let’s just archive this

OmniSearch plugin for Obsidian