Full text index of all note content, not just metadata?

To achieve speed and scalability for real, industrial-sized contact, contract, and other large-data management. Quarter million, one million, etc. contacts, contracts, case histories, research documents, etc.

Some permanently-cached, auto-updated, locally-stored, portable, perhaps firebird sql, sqlite, so on?

Nothing unusual, nothing untoward, nothing unreasonable, just a built-in facility that will add lightning-quick search to large data set vaults, just like other apps out there (contact management, email, etc) have with integration of this functionality.


AFAIK, Obsidian works on full content from the beginning. I do not understand what is requested here (?)
Do you have “Search” plugin enabled in Obsidian → Settings → Core plugins → Search ?

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It works on all content, yes, but from what I was told, while tags, and other meta are indexed, the full text of notes are not, which means that searches on very large vaults are much slower. This is not very compatible to adoption into serious, industrial-sized data, because the performance is not scalable.

I would be happy with a product feature or plugin that started out on this road, and, let’s say, brought us from a slow-down threshold of the current 10k/12-ish note area, to a threshold of more like 100k, 250k. We can get to 1mm or 5mm at some later point, I suppose, but a start on this idea would be great.

The plugin for full-text search

Especially beta version has wonderful performance improvements


Omnisearch is excellent. Solves my search issues, and scales to my vault with about 3.5k markdown files and 600k files in general.