Full screen for ipad external keyboard

Hey Obsidian Team!
First of all, Thank you for awesome development and helping life-long learning around the :earth_americas:. Love you guys :heart:

I would really appreciate if you could please consider fixing the issue of connecting an external keyboard to ipad. Right now, when external keyboard is connected, there is a black bar at the bottom (not displaying obsidian in full screen). I would love it if you could please make it full-screen similar to what Bear is doing.

Please see attached screens.

Thank you!
Bear (full-screen)

Obsidian (has black bar at the bottom)


Do you have Autocorrect (or similar) disabled on your iPad? I think that black bar is where I usually see word suggestions.

Yes I have auto-correction disabled, but I’d really loved it if Obsidian could be stretched to fill the entire screen like other apps than having a black bar at the bottom :sob:

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Just posted about this on an older thread. Posting here so I can follow up here as well.

That black bar is quite disappointing…

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