Full Calendar Plugin - replicate Google Calendar in your Vault

I doubt this is the solution but just in case: It’s not enough to load the plugin on startup. After it loads you have to use a command to tell it to load a view of your calendars. For example “Open Google Calendar Month View.”

I assume this is b/c the plugin doesn’t know which view you want until you tell it what to load. Which makes sense, but I for one was confused by it. (Please disregard if that’s not your problem. Maybe I’m the only person who was thrown by this.)

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Hey there.

Just to be clear, I couldn’t really find out: Is CalDAV two-way sync ? As I understand, ICS are one way, and CalDAV would be two ways, but perhaps I misunderstood.

If it is, I have a problem as when I try to add a new event, I have no destination to choose (which would confirm it’s one-way)

I would also love this!

This too would be an amazing addition.

Currently I believe it is one way but two way is hopefully planned.

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when i make new event with full calendar plugin
new file will create :

this is the name for the file :

i don’t want date comes before file name

how i can fix this please?

Tell me, I connected my Apple account, but the calendars take more than 2 minutes to load and there is no editing option. What’s wrong?

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I don’t think you can. As described in the documentation:

The note title is also managed by the plugin in the format .md.

You have probably figured this out by now, but I also had problems. I was pasting the “wrong” URL into the Full Calendar plugin.

It’s more of a Google Calendar thing for me, than a Full Calendar issue.

I followed these instructions

in the “Secret Address” section under “…lets you view your calendar in other applications…”

I had been pasting the URL of the calendar, not the Secret Address.

Hello everyone, Full calendar used to create a new daily note as well as a section in it for Events when I created a new event from the calendar. Now it seems like I have to create a new daily note manually and a section for Events should already be in it for it to work. Anyone else also experience this?

Is it possible to query all the events in a calendar with dataview when using an online calendar? I want to pull them into a daily list of meetings.
I got it working when querying on a local calendar, as I could look at the notes in my calendar folder. However, I was wondering if you are exposing the online calendar meetings to a (js) API perhaps?

Would love if this worked with the CalDev url from my webhost server. I can authentic from a browser window or from my email client but in this plugin I get a 403 error. Any suggestions for making this work?

Here’s the discussion about read-only calendar support. The hard work has apparently already been done :slight_smile:

The easier bit now needs to be finalised:

Any way to encourage this work?

Hi! Loving this, been using for some days and find it helpful. But I have a question; Can I open my calendar on the startup of the program? That means, if I open Obsidian, I have my calendar oppened too?

Something like this would be lovely. https://assets.website-files.com/6215507d11caae490ead0d84/6218057c6dfd208937fb4ba7_7310104b-8316-45b6-bd4b-1ea352ef4f4a_1277x716.gif

This is mem.ai, and you can click to create or re-open a note associated with a calendar event.

I mean that’s literally the purpose of the plugin, when you create an event you can open its note and add whatever you want. U can also have a template for it :slight_smile:

I doubt it works with an external calendar (Google/Outlook). I meant creating notes. It works only for a local calendar.

Did this plugin break?
I use it for a long time, but it started to act weird in the last couple of months.
I tried to uninstalling and installing again and now it doesn’t show any notes at all.

It is any way to make full calendar set a reminder for every event I create? I’m seeking for it for like 2H and don’t know if it’s even possible