Full Calendar Plugin - replicate Google Calendar in your Vault

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce the beta release of Obsidian Full Calendar. This plugin integrates the Full Calendar library into your Obsidian Vault so that you can keep your ever-changing daily schedule, special events and plans alongside your tasks and notes, and link freely between all of them. Each event is stored as a separate note with special frontmatter so you can take notes, form connections and add context to any event on your calendar.

Right now, Full Calendar is available via BRAT and manual installation, and I’m planning on submitting it to the community plugin registry soon. If you have any questions, feature requests, bug reports, or general feedback, please let me know in the GitHub issues!

Check out the README for everything Full Calendar can do, like creating events by clicking and dragging and custom recurring events. Each feature has an accompanying GIF that you can click to expand right in the README.

Thanks for reading, and if you’ve made it this far I hope you find the plugin useful!


What happens when an event is changed (date, time, duration, etc.) or removed?

There’s a two-way sync between the calendar and the underlying notes in your vault. If an event is changed by interacting with the calendar (either through the edit modal or by clicking and dragging on the event directly), then the frontmatter of the note that backs the event is modified. If you modify the frontmatter on the event directly, then the calendar will reflect the changes made to the frontmatter. The way to delete events right now is to delete the backing note.

Hope that helps, let me know if that answered your question or if you have any others!

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This is great.

Can’t wait for:

Import from Google Calendar

Make the transition easier by loading in all your events from an existing Google Calendar and maintain a one-way sync.


Awesome, well done!


I tried installing manually by unzipping the package to my .obsidian/plugin but it failed to load.

Any reasons why?

nevermind. I unzip the wrong file, my bad :grimacing:

Game changer plugin !!

As a feature request, I would like to see the option to change the headers or work of a template when a note is generated. Maybe the cleanest would be to select a template for the meeting notes.


Readonly GCal sync is available in the 0.2.0 release:


This has got to be one of the most exciting plugin I’ve seen in a while! Can’t wait for the full release!

(all we are missing then is a proper email integration to turn Obsidian into a fully-fledged productivity suite!)


This is so cool.
I am new to Obsidian and currently looking for a way to create a calendar in it.

I have found previously the Itinerary plugin which is also based on the full calendar library.

The itinerary plugin docs say that any param in the full calendar library can be used to render a calendar inside of Obsidian…

I still haven’t tinkered with it though and I wonder if it’s the same with this plugin ? Or will it be ?

Delighted to find this new plugin and thank you for all of the development work.

I’m not certain where to comment on problems so I’ll be brief here. Adding new event in week view. See expected pop-up, fill in title, click . Pop-up still visible and can be edited. Manually close with “x”. No event showing in calendar view. Linux if it matters.

Hi Cherrybark, can you file a bug on GitHub issues? I’ll be able to help you more there. Issues · davish/obsidian-full-calendar · GitHub

I’m excited to announce Full Calendar 0.5.0 ! There’s been a lot of bug fixes and features over the past few versions, but here are the highlights:

  • One-way sync for any calendar in .ics format . That includes private Google Calendars, iCloud calendars, and any other public calendar you can find on the web. I’ve added a weather calendar which has been really fun and useful.

  • FullCalendar by default only has a light mode, but the plugin now uses Obsidian’s CSS variables for theming. This means that Full Calendar will adjust its color scheme based on your theme , and Dark Mode has been considerably improved. The desktop screenshot is the default dark mode theme, and the mobile screenshot is Minimal light theme with the macOS sub-theme.

  • Full Calendar is now fully supported on mobile with some additional CSS improvements.

Full Calendar is still only available via BRAT, but I’ve submitted it to the community list and hopefully it will be available there soon! As always, I really appreciate any and all bug reports and feature requests on GitHub issues.


This update is HUGE and I love it. Enabling .ics calendars will now get me to really use this plugin now.

The biggest benefit of this is that you no longer have to make your private Google calendar public in order to synchronize it with this plugin. You can now use the “Secret address in iCal format” to do it. This allows you to sync the calendar while keeping it private.

thank you so much for adding this functionality. The visual improvements are also a bonus!

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Feature request: Setting default view.

Love where this is headed!


Are there any plans to convert/import vcards for birthdays?

Also love where this is going !!

It would be cool to have an option from the ical events to right click or button to create a note out of that.

Also looking forward to having the template selection that is planned !

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Did someone try the dataviewjs example as described in documentation?

const { renderCalendar } = app.plugins.plugins["obsidian-full-calendar"];
let calendar = renderCalendar(this.container, [{startDate: "2022-01-26", startTime: "17:00", endTime: "22:00", id: "id", title: "This is an event"}]);

I’m getting:

Evaluation Error: TypeError: Cannot destructure property ‘eventClick’ of ‘undefined’ as it is undefined.

Received same error.