Frontmatter links show nested and can't query them


I noticed that removing a set of brackets removes a layer of depth to the entry, so I get the causation, but is there a way to leave a “[[ link ]]” in my frontmatter and not have it nest extra layers in my resulting table?

  • frontmatter = RED box
  • dataview query = PURPLE box
  • table view = GREEN box

Things I have tried

Not sure what to try. I can’t find anything in the documentation, but perhaps as I learn the right verbiage to look up, I will get better at parsing and finding the answers.

What I’m trying to do

Use “links” in my front matter because it reduces typos when putting data in that already exists as another document. (typos = bad)

The solution/rule is simple: in yaml frontmatter links need quotation marks. So, you need to write in this way:

  - Child A
  - Child B
  - Child C
  - "[[Child D]]"


That is PERFECT and yes “obvious” now that you say it… thank you!

I have more questions, but I’ll work on each one first and ask one at a time so answers/questions don’t get muddled.

Heck, maybe the answer to this one will help me figure out the next :smiley:

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