Friendlier display of data in Sync Email Support button

When I click the Email Support button for the first time, under Contact Support in the Sync plugin settings, I get an ugly message box, asking if

Are you sure you want to open this link?

followed by a long text Link: mailto:[email protected]? subject=Obsidian%20Sync%20Support&body=SYSTEM%201 ...

I presume its a security feature to prevent unwanted links from opening for the first time, but in this case it probably should not happen.

This is a duplicate of the following, which was sadly tagged as wontfix:

Basically, it’s not what Obsidian devs can control. See the above thread for a simple workaround.

@ush I’m not sure this is exactly a duplicate. Yours was a bug about not being able to click. This thread seems to be an objection(?) to seeing the data at all.

By the way, have you tried recently? It seems to be contained in a scroll-field for me now (tested on MacOS). Which might resolve your bug report, even though they said “wontfix”.

@bfc3 This is your Debug Info encoded as text inside the mailto: link so that info can be sent to the Obsidian team.

What exactly are you saying shouldn’t happen? The popup itself? Or the display of the data in the link? It’s not easily readable, but it allows you to see the data that will be sent before you send it. In my opinion, that’s a good thing.

And hopefully you shouldn’t be needing to click this support button very often. So (again in my opinion) I think the transparency is much better than the occasional inconvenience.

I’m just saying that it looks like an unwelcoming (scary?) long wall of text, for something that should be a perfectly safe operation.

Nothing against transparency, but perhaps there is a better way of presenting this info (like an expandable more info ... link which then expands to the full text)

Ok thanks, makes sense. For now I’ll move this to Feature Requests and retitle it.

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Let’s move this convo back to the BR

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