Free & easy export functionality on IPad / IOS

Hello everyone

I’ve been tinkering with Obsidian for a few days and I love it. However, the missing export functionality on mobile, specifically on IPad, where I do most of my notetaking, and the fact that the Pandoc plugin only works on Desktop, are a huge inconvenience to me, as I often need to quickly export notes to PDF, Word or Google docs for different purposes.

I did a lot of research and couldn’t find a smooth solution either here or on Obsidian forums that wouldn’t require many extra steps or subscribing to another paid app.

That’s where Craft comes into play. Craft can import Markdown files and provides good export functionality on its mobile app in the free version.

I made a very simple IOS Shortcut that takes the markdown file from Obsidian’s share sheet and creates a new note in the desired space and folder in Craft. From there, all of Craft’s export functions are readily available.

This only works for pure text (and I suppose markdown links to online images / media), but doesn’t embed locally attached media. However, it’s useful for most of my use cases and the best and cheapest solution I have found so far.

I still hope that the mobile versions of Obsidian will implement some native export functions at some point, but in the meantime I wanted to share this solution and shortcut for those that need this in their workflow. Enjoy!


thanks for this. I tried it, having installed Craft. But I get an error on the shortcut shing ‘could not execute deep link’. Any ideas? I’m not that sure of shortcuts :slight_smile:

I had the same issue. You should be able to fix it by editing the shortcut. In the Create box for the shortcut change the box for Space to be whatever space you’ve created in the Create app. It doesn’t have one selected by default.

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Yes, the shortcut is also quite old at this point and some stuff might have changed both in Obsidian and Craft so no guarantee that it works out of the box. I will revisit it soon and will post a new version here in case you didn’t figure out the issue.