Forum responses

Forum responses

I posted a Query about Syncing Obsidian.

ariehen [supporter] responded.

I clicked on ← Reply so that I could:

a) thank ariehen (who has been very helpful to me);

b) [Save a draft for later]

c) go and inspect the suggested page (a lot of it seemed devoted to iOS) while

d) [Saving the draft for later] so I could come back to this if need be.

e) The only option I seem to have (since too many minutes have passed to edit my post) is to [Discard] the post

Can I do what I wanted to do? or any part of it ?


Strange that it locked you out of a draft. You weren’t able to copy/paste what you wrote, or anything?

I guess you’ll have to rewrite your reply, sorry about that.

Yeah, that’s a bummer. rigmarole can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the forum limits editing until a user reaches a number of posts made or total time read to keep people linking to things and then changing the links later to something bad. Maybe you ran into this with just a draft saved?

Most browsers and webpages are better these days, but I’ve been burned multiple times (not here) writing something, hitting “Post”, and poof… it’s gone. I usually use Obsidian or a scratchpad app to write and then paste it into the forum box.

Once you are up to it😫, feel free to post your follow-up sync questions over there.

Seems now, I’ve been allowed to Reply.

Now where did that [Save a draft for later] go?

In using this “Forum” am I exercising basic Obsidian functionality or am I using a ‘Forum application’ whose functionality is separate from an appearance that is rooted in Obsidian templates?

Writing in Markdown will work in the forum, but Obsidian and the forum are completely separate. The forum runs on the software.

See the forum tips here →

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