Formatting in tags

I’m new to Obsidian and recently ported the markdown files from my Quatro blog into my Vault. I figured that Obsidian would be a good place to edit blog drafts in markdown.

The files use YAML headers, including the key tags. However, I noticed that certain existing tags were picked up incorrectly (e.g., “philosophy of science” is given as three separate tags, “philosophy,” “of,” and “science”). This doesn’t occur in Quatro (although, in that environment, the key categories takes the place of tags). And I don’t recall it occurring for multi-word tags in my previous Hugo blog either.

Looking through the docs, I found that apparently Obsidian doesn’t allow for individual tags to contain spaces. My question is basically the same as this user: Why is this the case? It seems that it’d be useful for tags to allow spaces. I plan on using Obsidian with Zotero down the track. Haven’t used Zotero for a while, but from memory it allows spaces in individual keywords (the equivalent of tags).

Is there a chance of a future update allowing for spaces within individual tags? Or, if not that, creating a separate set (categories or keywords) that does allow for this, while retaining similar functionality to tags in Obsidian?

You can’t use spaces because Obsidian’s tags can also be written in the note body as hashtags.

Thanks for your reply. That’s unfortunate, as it might mean I need to start renaming my tags in Zotero to maintain compatibility with tags in Obsidian. I encountered a similar issue with tags in Quatro, which has inexplicably decided not to use tags at all but instead to give the same functionality to categories instead. So their “categories” are “tags” and their “tags” appear to serve no function at all. This is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but the inconsistencies—whether they’re inconsistencies in naming (“categories” versus “tags”) or in accepted formatting (allowing spaces versus not)—causes frustrations when trying to use all these tools at once and trying to get the most out of each.

It’s not ideal, but I reckon you do see the possibility to use underscore, _, instead of the spaces, and it would kinda solve your problem?

Temporarily, yes. Although when going from one tool (e.g., Zotero) to another (Obsidian) to another (Quatro) to maybe another, these inconsistencies can create problems or, at the very least, slow down the workflow. This isn’t a problem with Obsidian per se (as mentioned above, Quatro inexplicably calls them categories while still allowing for a separate tags that appears to serve no function). But it is perhaps something where Obsidian can make things either easier or harder depending on how it implements tags.

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