Keeping 'spaced' tags

I was going to put this as a bug, because in a way, it is, but I like it :sweat_smile: and I am hoping we can incorporate a way to have space between words in a tag.

example: #Tag Features as opposed to the usual formats using the dash or underscore (#Tag-Features or #Tag_Features)

What I am talking about

In YAML, you can incorporate spaced tags here:


And it will show up in the tagged pane:


And even the search section:


I’d prefer we keep it, but if not then perhaps it should be swiftly removed. (perhaps before most folks notice)

I believe these are 2 ways of representing the same thing in YAML. This has nothing to do with Obsidian specifically.

tags: [a,b,c]

is the same as:

 - a
 - b
 - c

it has been removed/fixed. in 0.9.19

It does when they don’t allow spaced tags.

Wait - how comes that spaces in tags is something that needs “fixing”??!