Folding arrows on iOS don't show until touched?

On desktop, folding arrows manifest only on hover.

That makes sense, though doesn’t translate too well to touchscreen…

On iPad, no headers start with a folding arrow - until you click on the header line.

Then, a folding arrow appears. But you have to do this for each one before they appear. It’s like how hover might be interpreted on touchscreen. It doesn’t quite feel right, or maybe there’s something I’m missing… is there any way around this, any way to turn the arrows on automatically without resorting to faking a hover?

Maybe it would be best for the iPad behaviour to just default to showing the folding arrows, in the absence of hoverability?

(Notwithstanding that some people using trackpad/mouse with iPad probably can approximate hover)

Should be possible with a CSS snippet. I think some themes have an option for it.

The “Subtler code folding arrows” section in Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks - #10 by rsdimitrov might help with what to target if it’s not outdated.

I might have solved this…


Make collapse arrows always visible.

In Obsidian, elements like headers and bullet list items can fold to collapse.
Default behaviour is to only show the collapse arrow on hover.
This has two negative consequences:
1. Difficult to use on mobile.
2. Reduced inclination to collapse.

This CSS makes the arrows permanently visible.

- Live Preview & Source modes:     .collapse-indicator
- Reading Mode:                    .collapse-icon


.markdown-source-view.mod-cm6 .cm-fold-indicator .collapse-indicator,
.collapse-icon {
    opacity: 50;

Why opacity: 50? I have a similar snippet that uses opacity: 1 and it seems to work fine.

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