Folder Template (not Template Folder)

Hi, I really like the feature when an internal link is clicked but no file exist, it will create a new empty file. Is there any possibility that it automatically create the file based on a template in the same folder (Feature “Folder Template”), similar to the Daily Note’s template.

Note: it’s different from the Template Folder

The same question were previously asked by @TechDave at this thread: Folder Templates but closed due to inactivity.

Templater does this.

Templates have to be stored in one folder but can be assigned to be triggered when a file is created in a different folder.

You can have templates for references, dictionary items, book notes, film notes, etc.

If you store your book notes in a folder called books, Templater will use the book template whenever a new note is created in the book folder; and if you store your film notes in a folder called movies, Templater will use the film template whenever a new note is created in the movies folder, etc.

Is that what you want?

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Thank you let me give it a try, @anon63144152

Meanwhile, I think it would be more intuitive for Obsidian to support it out of box by recognizing a in-folder default template such as or with configurable name change just like the core template plugin.

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I edited @obsidian (seems a general username) to Obsidian here. Hope you don’t mind. :smiley:

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Thank you! That’s ok.