Folder Templates

I am trying to figure out away to create a folder template system that populates other folders below it
Folder Name
- Attachments Folder

A bonus question:
Is there away to create custom css themes on a per Folder basis?

Thanks for your time and assistance.

GitHub - OfficerHalf/obsidian-auto-class: Automatically add CSS classes to notes based on file path., it is available in the community plugins.

Templater allows to set templates for files per folder, if that’s what you mean.

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I believe the OP is asking precisely that. Per the templater docs, you can do that. Details are scarce. I am also looking for precisely how to set templates per folder. Here is all the docs I have been able to find:

and google always leads me back to this thread. I see no mention of Folder Templates in the Templater options. So what precisely is the Folder Templates functionality? How is it enabled?

If you open the settings, there is a heading called folder templates. Make sure to be on the latest version.

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