Folder exclusion from the global search

Use case or problem

doing a search (shift ctrl F) I want to exclude a folder (a ressources folder)

Proposed solution

excluding folders from the search when they are named "-nameFolder"

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

Have you tried: .folderName?

If I do this, the folder is hidden. This is not what I want.
I want to have this folder in the obsidian’ explorer, but excluded from the search.

You can see other options when you put the cursor in the search box and erase everything in the box if necessary:

Or if you want to exclude indefinitely, go into Preferences > Files & Links > Excluded files


Ok cool it is already existing. Adding it in the right clic menu, and working when a folder is selected would be great. (or in the command menu). Because as it is, with a lot of documents, it really hard to find the right path from the list. I tried to press tab to build the path step by step as when adding a link, but this is not working. Should I do another request to precise this?

You don’t need to write the whole path, just the name of the folder (assuming it’s unique).

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oh it’s a good complement.
maybe it could be precised in the explanation. not obvious to deduce

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