Folder alias in different vaults?

Use case or problem

Hello everybody,
I use obsidian for all types of notes, this includes personal notes and work notes. We have work issued computers and I do like taking notes in them. What I do is I have a vault in my personal computer for my personal notes and a work vault for my work notes in a hard drive I take to work. But I would like to have them all in one vault. I thought that maybe an alias folder of the work vault inside the personal vault would work but it doesn’t appear.

Proposed solution

I think that the alias notes/folders could have an indication that showed it is an alias, like the ones on seen on attachments.
If there are multiple aliases of the same note to only show the original note and none of the aliases or maybe show them like ghosts of the original one.
Any link that links to the original note will send you to the original one and never to an alias (the aliases wouldn’t appear in the link autocompletion suggestions) to prevent clutter.
Also the links to notes in other vaults could apear with a toggle to show that they are broken and to “turn them off” in the current vault so to not create a new note but to still be accessible in other vaults.

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