Filtering graph view by path shows only one file in folder with 100+ files

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open graph view in vault that has several folders and no files in root.
  2. Click search field in graph filters.
  3. Click path:.
  4. In path: dropdown click folder name that has multiple files in it.
  5. See filtered graph view with only one file showing.

Expected result

In my particular instance the folder I’m selecting in the path dropdown has 100+ files in it. I expected to see these files in the graph view.

Actual result

I see only one file.


  • Obsidian v0.11.2
  • MacOS 11.2.1

Additional information

  • Vault stored in Dropbox.
  • Also reproducible with groups as reported in the help forum. (But easier to reproduce clearly with the search filter.)
  • Assuming I may have introduced some bug or error with some conflicting settings I tried to correct this by removing the dot-hidden obsidian files to “start over” but the issue persists.


Ah, I think I know what this is.

Try: path:(1 Zettelkasten)

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Ah — that does it. path:(1 Zettelkasten) works as expected.

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