Filter notes by hashtag and show as Venn diagram


imagine you have hashtags defining specific concepts. Now you want them to be visualized in the graph-view. You can filter, e.g. two concepts and nodes are reordered into two bubbles according to the concept specified. Some will be outside the bubbles (not belonging to one of the concepts). Others will be in both bubbles as they have both hashtags(concepts) specified. So we have two intersecting bubbles acting like a Venn diagram.

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The ability to select nodes on the graph view and then highlight only their inter-related connections would be very, very useful. Maybe the other nodes can 'fade-out as you selectively apply ‘filters’ based on what nodes you’ve clicked on? Especially for those that have very large and crowded graphs

@Clivus Not sure, but I think that already exists: When u hover a node, it highlights all connected nodes, the other get some fade.

But that is not what I was requesting :wink: I would like to have an optical filter to group nodes with the same #hashtag. This should be independent of the node’s connections. As a second Paradigm it would make the tool more powerful.


Is there a way to write my own extension for the graph view? afik the this tool is not open source, right?