To filter the graph view

Being able to zoom in on the graph and having titles repel instead of being pulled to the center might also help.


And I want to be able to color the nodes manually, then we can highlight them selectively.


Definitely something like this. Graph view is pretty useless for me without it because of the number of notes I’ve imported into Obsidian.


100% onboard with this one. Personally, as an MVP I’d be happy with simply a filter by location. That is, only showing relationships from one page onward.

+1 from me too.

The Graph View is there to discover connections and it would really be useful, if we can filter certain things. Maybe string-patterns or the exclusion of folders, which is also a seperate feature request here.

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I love the ideas about filtering the graph view in this thread. Filtering in the graph view would be very useful!
I explained my idea about filtering by #hashtag and visualizing it in the graph view in a separated thread.

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+1, but keep the filter simple

+1 very useful!
and the Ctrl+F also would be very useful!


+1 as well

I think a way to filter out nodes in the graph would help it become even more useful.
An idea would be to have a filter box where you could select from existing Tags and or Backlinks and maybe even a keyword search.

For example I may have a vault filled with drink recipes and I want to see what drinks I can make with vodka and orange juice, so I might enter: #drinks [[vodka]]


Currently Graph View plots all links between notes, regardless of subfolder structure. Generally this is good, but it would be nice to have the option to ignore one or more subfolders when constructing the graph. For example, I would like to ignore Daily Notes, since they disrupt the topic structure between other notes.


+1 on configuring and/or filtering out specific folders from graph.

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I’d love to have:

  • filter all graph nodes to selected word
  • filter 1st, 2nd level notes to a given one
  • filter orphans
  • show by colour main nodes and secondary/ third level etc
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+1 !!! As time passes by, it gets more and more difficult to find whichever NODE you want to find in the graph view. Some kind of CTRL+F would also be nice

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It would be nice if graph had fixed position and user can drag to change position. So user would know where is his nodes are


Filtering and Search functions for the graphical view would be great.

IMHO Obsidian’s Graph view is a key feature allowing visualization of the data. I think Obsidian’s implementation is superior over Roam Research and adding a search capability and filtering would create a 1-2 punch!


+1 and urgent. I’m only at 223 notes in different folders but the graph-view isn’t useful anymore. I don’t want to see my /DailyNotes in there for example.


Maybe only in the Graph view the right column could be enabled to show a copy of the folder hierarchy in the Vault with checkboxes next to them such that toggling on and off would change the Graph view.

A search bar would be so cool to have in graph view. Especially now that the search capabilities in 0.8.x became very good. I think implementing search, regular expressions and logic search terms in graph view would be a wonderful improvement to the app.


Great! I hope that the graph view could be linked with a specific document, just like the preview and the backlinks pane. It could be helpful to view local connections, for example only adjacent nodes or nodes within 3 hops, since as the vault grows larger, it also becomes increasingly hard to retrieve information from a complex, densly connected, global graph.