File Support for Artists Software

I would like to be able to organize art files, coexist in a text environment, rename and open in preferred software.
Right now, even though i can link my art files, Obsidian displays a “open microsoft app store” to look for a software in the store to open the file instead of displaying my apps and software that have that i can open it in. (So i can link the file, but its not really a link because i can’t open it… i can use it as a reminder and a copy and paste it in my machines file explorer though.)
File support requests:
.psd (photoshop), .clip (clip studio paint), .sai (paint tool sai), .kra (Krita).
These are all the main power files that i can think of.
If this can be done, it would be an absolutely amazing game changer for the messy artist!


I second this but think there is already a topic about being able to open from Obsidian. I will try and find it. Well, maybe I was wrong, but I found these:

It might be cool to be able to support/preview non raster files as well (opportunity for plugin viewers maybe), or even just link to with customizable thumbnails. For example, I could render a recent version of a character and drop a link to the 3ds Max scene file with that render set as a thumbnail. The wheels are turning and I really appreciate the road that your post has brought me down.

I am sure this or something close to thumbnail thing is already possible, but the thing about linking to these art files would be cool as part of a roadmap of where you have come from and plan to go with a project. Like maybe you already start making notes and linking to a file in a step of your project that has yet to be completed, so that later when it is, you can follow up with all of your intentions, and then later on be able to really review the workflow. This is exciting. It is nice to meet another artist using Obsidian this way. I am sure there are plenty, or at least there should be. Honestly I think it will be the single piece of software that most helps me keep everything moving forward.