Support for Quicktime .Mov files


It’s really cool how .mp4s can be played inside Obsidian—I’d like to be able to embed .mov files the same way.


I’m an animator/editor and by far the most common working codec among the people I know is Apple ProRes 422.

ProRes files don’t use long-GOP compression so they are a lot faster to work with h264 or HEVC mp4s. I typically will only export as an mp4 file once I’m totally done.

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My topic is similar to the topic File Support for Artist Software, in that I am also requesting increased file support that would benefit artists.

I decided to make a new topic anyway, because that topic doesn’t mention Video formats & because I believe .mov file support would be more universally useful. (Support for .Movs also seems more straightforward to implement than for layered image formats, since Obsidian already supports .Mp4 files)


If it runs in chrome, we’ll add support for it. Otherwise, we won’t.

After I reading your comment, I did more research and learned that Chrome can play an .mov if you change the file extension to “mp4”.

And after testing it myself, I can confirm that renaming those video files also makes them play in Obsidian! :sparkles:

It would still be really cool for it were possible to play the files without having to rename them, since renaming breaks project links—meaning that it wouldn’t be suitable to catalog large ongoing projects.

In the meantime, I’m glad to have found the workaround! Thank you for responding, because I definitely wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

You can make an alias to your .MOV (or .m4v etc) file, and rename the alias to end in .mp4.

The alias can be embedded into your Obsidian page! You may have to drag it from the Finder, but I might have gotten that impression by ![[<typing name just not having seen the file right away.

Anyone figure out a good way to do this on iOS? I imagine a lot Obsidian users are using iPhones or iPads and would like to add videos directly to their vault without using workarounds. I built a shortcut for the share sheet to do this, but a native solution or plugin would be awesome. Maybe a plugin that could monitor the attachments folder and rename .mov files to .mp4?

For anyone interested in my shortcut, here it is. It renames the video file’s extension to .mp4 and saves it in my attachments folder in my vault. Then it copies the filename and appends it to my daily note as an embed with a timestamp in front of it. Depending on your internet connection, there could be a bit of a delay while the video uploads to your iCloud folder. So in the meantime, the attachment will just show up as a link to a file that hasn’t been created yet.

If you use this shortcut, you’ll need to define the path to your attachments folder and Daily Notes folder.

Hope this helps someone!