File settings "create new notes in a folder" doesn't work. Creates notes at root level

Steps to reproduce

  • create a new folder. E.G., “new_notes/”
  • in the file settings, use this folder as the destination for newly created notes
  • create a new note with the shortcut ctrl + N

Expected result

To create all my new notes in a defined folder such as new_notes/

Actual result

Creates every new note in the root folder.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.2

Additional information

I saw this issue was supposedly fixed in 0.6.4 File Exporer New note not honoring settings-file new file location

But maybe it’s back in 0.8.2 ?
If it isn’t a bug and I’m doing something wrong, please do help me if it works for you.


It’s important to be precise when trying to explain or solve a bug. You said you create a new folder "new_notes/"

Do you actually have a “/” in the folder name? I can imagine that causing problems.

Can you show a screenshot of your settings, or the folder, so it is clear what the issue might be?

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Thanks for the report.
If the folder you created is new_note, just put in folder to create new notes in: new_note. without the trailing \.

If that does not work, are you sure you have write access to the directory you chose as vault?

Hi WhiteNoise and rigmarole,

Indeed, I put the “/” because I thought that it was mandatory somehow.
I was wrong… Removing it - as you both suggested - did indeed solve the problem.

It works perfectly now (with shortest path but also with relative paths).

Thank you both for your fast reply and help - not a bug, just human error thus :slight_smile:

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