File explorer: drag & drop a file in the original folder moves the file out of the folder

Steps to reproduce

  1. In the sandbox vault, open the file explorer in the left sidebar.
  2. In the file explorer, drag Adventurer/From plain-text and just drop it where it was at first.

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Expected result

The file Adventurer/From plain-text should not be moved.

Actual result

The file is moved out of the Adventurer folder and put under the vault root.
It contradicts the instruction message Move into "Adventurer".


	Obsidian version: v1.5.3
	Installer version: v1.4.13
	Operating system: Darwin Kernel Version 22.6.0: Wed Jul  5 22:22:52 PDT 2023; root:xnu-8796.141.3~6/RELEASE_ARM64_T8103 22.6.0
	Login status: logged in
	Catalyst license: none
	Insider build toggle: off
	Live preview: on
	Base theme: adapt to system
	Community theme: none
	Snippets enabled: 0
	Restricted mode: off
	Plugins installed: 0
	Plugins enabled: 0


Additional information

Screen Recording 2024-01-02 at 21.00.04