File Explorer Custom Sort

I too an a newbie to Obsidian and would love to have this feature introduced to this otherwise really customizable notetaking app!

Do try the Bartender plugin (easiest through the BRAT plugin). It’s easier and more robust than it was for a while. At least it is once you have absorbed how you do it.

Strongly suspect that it might be sherlocked at some point, but that could be some time away.

I agree, I can admit that a native option may be slightly more convenient but I’ve been using Bartender for months now with zero problems beyond needing to manually configure it in the beginning.

The work around I use for this, to “pin” a note, is to start the title with an underscore “_”. It uglies up the title, but does auto-sort it to the top of the folder.

Any news about this feature ?

Custom Sort saves order to XML File - I think we are not far from PDF page ordering functionality which could use similar drag and drop feature and save format to XML File - And “Print Functionality” could then read from this earlier generated XML file and create a unified PDF from all “needed” notes for whatever reasons - web page or PDF or hard copy

I may sound idiotic but those are my thoughts for now :slight_smile:

Request for more control feature in the order of folders I prefer to control the folder and tasks manually

please add this feature

I’ve naturally settled on doing that by adding an ! to the beginning

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for my personal purposes I’ve created a plugin which allows for full control over the order of files and folders in Obsidian File Explorer. Order is specified in YAML in front matter. Each folder can have its own ordering logic, or can stay with the Obsidian standard sorting. You can use sorting and grouping rules or direct order specification by listing names (wildcard supported). Or mix and match.

I’ve been using this plugin for some weeks already and it looks like it nicely fills the gap of the missing feature of (which I love at first sight BTW!)

See if it fits your needs as well