File Explorer Custom Sort

If you’re not using delayed load then you don’t need to look into it. It was just one possible reason for Bartender not working.

Before disabling plugins one at a time, I’d start with all plugins except bartender disabled to start. If that works then you can try tracking down which other plugin isn’t interacting well.

Let’s continue any further Bartender plugin discussion via Github issues Issues · nothingislost/obsidian-bartender · GitHub as this is still a valid feature request thread and while this plugin helps fill some of the gaps, it would still be useful to have in the core application.

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Sounds good! Thanks so much for your follow-up and recommendations.

I’ll reach out on GitHub if I have any other questions ~ and, in the meantime, I too look forward to having the “custom sort” option (eventually) integrated into the core. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

I’d also like to toss my +1 on this ever-growing pile.

+1 from my side as well.

This Bartender plugin is amazing. One big request I would have: a separate sort setting for files and for folders.

In my case—and I do believe this would make sense for a lot of users—I just want to manually sort my buckets. The folders. Within my “sorted just right” buckets, I’d just like to have the files sorted the traditional way. That is, interchangeably by modification date, creation date, or alphabetically, but rarely if ever manually.

Apologies if this is technologically challenging or has already been requested.

And thanks for the plugin! :slight_smile:

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That helps me a lot ! ! !

I found a built-in way to change the file order arbitrarily without changing the filenames:
sorting by creation date. Swapping the names/contents of notes in effect swaps their creation dates (method 1), but it’s probably easier to just edit the property using the OS or a 3rd-party app (method 2).

Method 1 (within Obsidian):

  1. Click the Sort button (Up/Down arrows) in the File Explorer.
  2. Select “Created time” (“old to new”/“new to old”).
  3. Create a new file (we will use it as a dummy). Move it to the right folder. It will appear at the top or bottom, based on your choice in step 2.
  4. Select the note you want to appear at the location of the dummy file. Cut-paste the title and content to the dummy. The original file is now the new dummy.
  5. Repeat step 5 until the files are sorted.

Method 2 (outside of Obsidian):

  1. Just modify the creation times of the files directly. On Windows (PowerShell): $(Get-Item FILENAME).creationtime=$(Get-Date "01/01/2000 01:01 AM")
  2. Restart Obsidian for the changes to take effect.


  • You lose the real creation date information (obviously).
  • Neither method is quick and easy.
  • Affects all files in the Vault, so you have to apply this method in all folders. (related: Ability to sort different folders differently - #2 by sorig)
  • Requires your filesystem to support creation date/time. Not a problem for most modern systems (NTFS/etx4).
  • You have to pick whether you want old or new files at the top of all folders going forward. This sorting choice will impact how much swapping is needed for Method 1 and cannot be changed without having to fix all folders.

Other notes:

  • Just like other sorting options, the sorting choice doesn’t affect Folders, which are always sorted alphabetically.
  • The sorting choice doesn’t persist across Vaults.
  • Method 2 does not require the user to have Administrator privileges.

Talking for me, With almost a thousand notes at hand, it will be bit cumbersome for me (Even though dragging past a long list is a long walk). Also for every note I may have open power shell and so forth which may distract me initially)

Bartender doesn’t lets me lose focus from what I am already doing (making notes) which gives it a edge.

But definitely a different perspective to sort files.

The most simple way would be to create a “sortable key” at the begining of the file, like Folgezettel : [[1.1.File top]] [[1.2.File under]] [[1.3.File after]]…

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