[Feature request] Mobile swipe down quick action to open new note in a specific folder

Use case or problem

When quickly jotting down fleeting thoughts or notes, for example ideas for a standup comedy joke or scenario, the “swipe down quick action” feature is super handy when setting it to create a new note. Within a split second, a new note is created and you can start typing away immediately before you forget!

However, quickly retrieving that note can be a nightmare, because you may not realize which folder that note was created in. And if you had not yet added a title and already started creating another note (or merely accidentally swiped down to create a new note again), you have to go digging to find a new note.

Proposed solution

It would be great if the “mobile swipe down quick action” shortcut had an option for:

“Create new note in a specified folder”, and then allow the user to define what that folder is.

For example, I have a general folder for “Raw comedy notes”, where I like all my newly jotted down notes to go. Then, when I have had the time to properly convert them into a well thought out joke or but, then and only then, do I move it into a folder called “Jokes” or “Bits.” But until then, I would like all my raw ideas to be nearly organized in a specific folder of my choice.

Related requests

There’s Settings > Files & Links → Default location for new notes. Have you set that to an “inbox” or “slipbox” (or whatever) folder? Then the notes should at least go all in the same folder.

I use the core Unique Note Creator for this. Set the folder location (and template if needed) in the plugin’s settings, then set the mobile Quick Action to Unique note creator: Create new unique note and you’re off to the races. :horse_racing:

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Sweet! thanks! I think the unique note creator will work for me, though I’ll report back if something changes.

I already have the “default note folder” for new notes to be “the current folder”, which I like. I just wanted specifically notes that I create by swiping down to be in a specific folder, and seems like the unique note creator does the trick. I’m not picky on the default title for the note, since I’ll have to change it anyway, so the time stamped note title works fine!

If I just want to capture something quick to process later, The Unique Note Creator is great. Sometimes I change the note names, sometimes I don’t. I hope it works out for you. :seedling:

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