Quick action opens a new note, I'd like to add a template and set it to open in a specific folder

Hello, pretty much what the title says, I have the pull down gesture set to open a new note and I was wondering if it’s possible to set it to open with a specific template?
I’m also wondering if I could set it to open the note in a specific folder although I’m not sure if this would also mean new notes added from the side menue would also open in the same place or not.

I had a similar need, so I tweaked the quick action a little:

  1. Set quick action to reveal the command palette.
  2. Stick three commands to the top of the command palette:
  • New note
  • Insert template
  • Move file

I think you can do similar using Quick Add and/or Templater, but the above works without any community plugins and gives you a little flexibility to use different templates and move files to different locations.

I think Quick Add and Templater might let you “create new Person” and open a new note, insert the Person template, and save to the People folder in one fell swoop. I think….

I am foresworn against such sorcery and wouldn’t know.

Not exactly what I’m looking for but I can make that work for sure.
I appreciate it

I was just reminded of this plug-in that does exactly what you want. It creates commands in the command palette (that you can map to the mobile pulldown) to create a new note based on a template and saved in a specific directory:

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