Feature Request: Add ability to rearrange tabs in mobile app and android tablet


I’m using iOS but this feature request applies to Android as well.

I’m currently using Obsidian Mobile version: v1.1.4

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to reorder open tabs in the Obsidian mobile app as there is in the desktop app. I asked about it yesterday on Discord and several other users added a “THIS!” emoji to it, but got no answer, so I’m submitting this feature request.


Thank you for submitting this FR. Seemed to me like a ‘no brainer’ for device compatibility. Could be an OS restriction, but hard to believe this is the case for both iOS/iPadOS and Android.

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It would be lovely if we could drag to reorder the tabs. (And maybe even have an option to close them?)


Any progress on rearranging tabs or is it currently not feasible to implement on mobile?
I’m also on Android.


I haven’t heard anything, unfortunately.

thanks for your reply

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This works on iPadOS but apparently no other mobile system.


Came here to check if anyone else has requested this feature before I submitted a request myself. It’s disappointing to see that it’s been suggested but nothing has really come of it, but I’m sure many people would support this feature.

The ability to reorder tabs in the app would make the user experience with tabs on Obsidian mobile so much better. I’m imagining something like this, with tabs you can click and drag to reorder notes:

If you wanted to move “Example note 3” to come before “Example note 4,” you could just click and drag the three bars on the right to reposition it.

Like apfelstrudelig mentioned, also adding an option to easily close tabs could be handy (an “X” icon beside the reordering bars, perhaps).


Adding the ability to hold and drag a tab to change order would be great.


I + this.
To close: perhaps using the swipe method, as in the notification area from Droid or Apple OS.


I would think that means that the code is already written and would just need to be applied to the iOS and Android apps, which makes me curious why still it hasn’t been.

I’m not a programmer and there may be some sticking point I’m not aware of, but it would be interesting to know.

I’m not surprised it’s not included on phones with their small screens. (Edit: I was thinking of a different feature.) Plus the tablet interface differs from the phone one — it’s like the desktop version with phone’s sidebars (and desktop’s ribbon). But I’m surprised it’s not working on Android tablets.

AFAIK there aren’t separate Obsidian apps for Android phones and tablets the way there are for iPhones and iPads

The smaller screens on phones don’t make the ability to reorder tabs any less desirable or useful.

Sorry, I got my context mixed up and thought we were talking about “split right/down”. Reordering tabs is for sure useful on all devices.

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Ohhhh, that would explain it! I forgot that tablet-specific apps are less common on Android (and wouldn’t have guessed Obsidian didn’t have one since it’s so cross-platform).

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Android tablet users, are you able to rearrange tabs now? (Also mention the screen size and whether the tab presentation is like on desktop or like on phone.)

I just tested on my old 10" Android tablet (desktop-style tabs) and was able to, but it’s on Android 8.1 so I don’t know if that applies to current OS versions.

Throwing my +1 on iOS tab reordering!

I would like to add closing tabs to the feature request. For example a long swipe left would work well. It is the standard iOS delete gesture.

I have multiple tabs open at all times and the tab select button configured to be visible. The tab dividers are awesome, but the inability to reorder or delete tabs impedes many useful workflows.

I have gone so far that I manually edited the workspace-mobile.json when the situation became unmanageable. JSON is just a pain to edit manually.

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That’s a separate feature that deserves its own request — and I believe one already exists that you can upvote.

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Ah, I understand and will do so. Just thought, as a developer myself, that I like to have closely related stuff in one place.