[Feature] [plugin feature] Add toolbar shortcut to enter current zettelkasten timestamp and date/time


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

Add an option in the toolbar placed above the keyboard to add current zettelkasten timestamp, current date and time, in one click.

This is kind of a very necessary feature in the Android app. It is a feature that is unnecessary in desktop because there are good text replacer apps like espanso available. But in android there are no good text replacement apps available that are free, those that are available are a hit and miss because they are often slow to respond and often stop running the background.

There’s a plugin called Timestamper. You can set your custom template of a string with current time and date, add the command to your mobile toolbar and insert your Zettelkasten time stamp in 2 clicks :slight_smile:

The command in the mobile toolbar doesn’t have its own icon so I added the icon on my taste using Advanced mobile toolbar plugin.


Thank you very much. This does the job.
And thanks for the tip to change the toolbar icon​:relaxed::sunglasses:

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I’m happy to help :blush:

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