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It would be very convenient to have an option in the mobile toolbar to add the current time and to add the current date.


I haven’t tested if this works on mobile, but this method might help. I just wrote a blogpost about it

It’s not idea, but it’s the built in way to do it with the “Templates” in Core plugins

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This feature exists (I don’t know if it did when the request was posted).

If the date and time items aren’t on your toolbar, go to Settings > Mobile and scroll to More toolbar options. If they’re not in that list, scroll farther and use the search box under Add global command to add them.

You could also set up a template (for example if you wanted a custom timestamp) and add the button for the templates menu to the toolbar.

I used to add a button using Natural Language Datas plugin.

I’ve shared my way of inserting date and time in this comment

I have just tested it on Android and can confirm that core plugin Templates allows to add Date and Time buttons to Mobile toolbar and they work.


  1. Settings > Core plugins > Templates - need to be enabled.
  2. Settings > Mobile > More toolbar options - find and add (+) Insert current date and Insert current time options

Now you can add current date and time with clicks on corresponding buttons on Mobile toolbar.


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