[Feature] iOS share sheet extension

Does not work for images from, for example, Photos. The resulting markdown file contains gibberish. Thanks for sharing it though!

Or, as I just discovered, Web pages. I’ll see what I can do!

Fixed the Photos issue. Try it out: Save to Obsidian 1.1

I am new to Obsidian and was surprised that there isn’t a Share Sheet extension for iOS.

Maybe I’ve become spoiled. I just thought Share Sheet was built in for most iOS apps, especially apps as awesome as Obsidian.

So yes: I am absolutely in agreement that there needs to be an update to Obsidian that includes this (now) much-missed feature.


+1, I could use Obsidian for a number of things that I currently have to round trip through TickTick for currently.

I thought that said TikTok, and was very confused.

Also, have you tried my shortcut above?

+1 Greetings, and I also want to put in a vote for Obsidian to be included in the share sheet.


+1 for so many usecases useable

I couldn’t get this shortcut to work.
Notes and highlights file doesn’t exist.
I tried creating a file with that name in Obsidian but still no luck.
Thanks for working on it.

Here’s an updated version that fixes the problem: Save to Obsidian 1.1.1

Yes another +1 for this request

The lack of a share to obsidian is a major inhibitor for me, in moving over from bear.
I want to settle on one app for all 2nd Brian notes … at the moment I am split Bear/Obsidian and TheBrain.

Send a select of web page to Obsidian
Send a web page to obsidian (option images or not)
Send select text from other apps to obsidian

Import to obsidian options as new note, as a link, append / pretend to existing note etc … ie much like bear

Still think obsidian is great ! :slight_smile:

Added support for importing webpages: Save to Obsidian 1.2.

As always, feedback is welcome.

I’ll be the best friend of who pulls this off. I’ll even buy them ice cream.

That might be possible with a shortcut as well, see

My shortcut handles this as-is.

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Save to Obsidian 1.4 iOS share sheet shortcut is out. This release automatically embeds YouTube videos.

If there’s somewhere else that would be better/more visible to post this, please let me know.


Save to Obsidian 1.5 is now available. This version includes auto-updating, so please download!


Bumpski :nerd_face:

“Not that long ago, in a galaxy not that far away…”

Looks like Obi-wan-sidian was cut down by the insidious Darth Friction…

But @Calion provided “A New Hope” with a “Save to Obsidian.”

Will the Council of Devs heed the calls for [Feature] iOS share sheet extension before it’s too late?

Okay, the analogy gets lost somewhere in the deserts of Tatooine, but for serious, any updates on this in Roadmaps, etc.?



will be implemented in v1.2.0


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