[Feature] Apple Watch app

On the IOS app there should be a companion :watch: Apple Watch app.
Here’s a list things I think should be incorporated in there:


Making this its own thread.

I’d love a Watch app. Scroll through a note, dictate or record audio messages, and be able to execute URL schemes from the watch. :heart_eyes:


Can’t vote enough for this feature! This could make referring to notes so much easier and adding quick log type entries so much fun. For someone like me, that removes the need to use extra apps to log things (water, coffee, entertainment, etc.).


The would be amazing, very much agree!

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Oh yes, this would be fantastic please, please, please! I found this thread through a Google search for this very function. Personally, all the above features would be great, however, what I really need is an app that allows me to search my information/second brain as a fast way to recall details. MindNode allows me to create mindmaps and has an easy to use workflow for browsing them on the Apple Watch. The trouble is the maps need to be created first, as opposed to the Obsidians note linking feature, and only a few recent mindmaps are available on the watch. If it were possible to select a vault to view on the Apple Watch and then search through the vault for key information it would be very useful. I desperately need a way to access my information quickly, without distraction, and in an always accessible means. If I wasn’t so proud, I’d be on my knees begging for this to become a reality.


I have finally, after literally trying pretty much every single markdown Apple Watch app, found a way to access Obsidian notes on Watch:

The app below (steep price warning) can use a custom folder (Obsidian vault) if you unlock it via an extra 3$ in app purchase.
Then you have to go into the ‘info’ section and check “Show as task list”.
Then flag the files you want to sync as ‘due tasks’. This way they will get synced to Apple Watch. Seems like the only app that can do that out of the box: ‎Notebooks – Write and Organize on the App Store

I got in touch with the developer and they are planning to make a complication as well as other ways to sync to watch than due tasks, e.g. whole notebooks.
I’m really happy I finally found a solution, and it doesn’t even require syncing workflows, shortcuts or similar.

In the watch app, you can even append to an Obsidian note :scream:

I have only tried this using Obsidian sync, not iCloud sync, so not sure if it’ll work well with iCloud sync too.


Would be great for adding quick log/journal entries via dictation/templates/buttons.

Of possible interest in the meantime: Pull Daily Logs from Drafts into Obsidian by clicking a button (works great with the Drafts Watch Complication)

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Yes! Apple Watch companion app would be amazing!

Any idea whether the team is considering this?

All feature requests are considered. However, there are four thousand of them.