[Feature] Accessibility/Usability - Alternative method to adjust base font size

For people with good eyesight, the default font sizes are fine, I’m sure, but the defaults in the Android app are small for some of us.

Try changing the base font size in Android. You do this with a tiny slider, less than an inch wide. Your finger obscures most of the control. As you move it, the font of everything changes, scrolling your location off-screen. This makes it nearly impossible to simply pick a font-size.

There’s an option to pinch-zoom, but it doesn’t seem to actually work.

It would be really useful if the slider were replaced with a drop-down where you could pick the font-size, and the font-size was only applied with a separate button. I know this isn’t as sexy as a simple slider, but as-is the slider is nearly useless.

If there is some alternate way (e.g. css) to change the base font, that would be great to know!


Note: I originally this in “Help”. I’ve deleted that post and copied it here, since this probably requires a change to existing code.


Moved to Mobile and added “[Feature]” to title because that’s the way for mobile feature requests here. Also removed “in Android” because the situation is similarly bad on iOS.


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In one of those “D’oh!” moments, I realized that I could make the situation somewhat better by turning the device to landscape mode. It still needs to have its own font spinner, but at least it’s doable this way.

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