[Feature] Ability to add notes to sidebar on mobile



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3 (20) TestFlight

Just like on desktop would be nice to assign a note ad the pane to the right hand side, so like Calendar be able to add specific note to that right panel to be accessible throughout.

Things like Tasks would live well there where they use dataview


I would like to view notes in side panels on mobile.

For example, it’s nice to have my to-do list in a side panel, where I can quickly and easily open and close it.

Currently, it seems that the side panels cannot display notes.



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.3.2 (69)

On the Desktop a note can be shown in the right sidebar. Is that not possible on iOS?

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I think you’re correct that it’s not possible, unfortunately.

Well, bummer. But thanks for confirming my suspicion. :+1:t3:

We can always file a feature request (or upvote if one already exists).

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Now I have a note in my sidebar on mobile, but I don’t know how it happened and I don’t remember doing it. When I tap the link the note appears in the side pane (that’s how it was when I found it). I’m guessing this is a glitch, but maybe there’s hope?

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Hi there,

Actually, yesterday, when using Obsidian mobile to do some minor editing to a note (“Mu”), this very one happened to be pinned into the right sidebar !

However, as this is something I did not want to,and as I have no ideas how I did it, I am stuck the other way not knowing how to remove it from there…

Thus, could it possible to prefix the title of this topic “[Bug/Feature], as it seems to be both actually, please ?

Thanks for the clues if you guys would have some, and have a good One.


You should be able to remove it by editing the file .obsidian/workspace-mobile.json in your vault. Because .obsidian is a hidden folder it would be easiest to do it on desktop and let the change sync. If you want to do it directly on iOS, the only ways I know to access hidden files are the paid text editor Textastic, the free terminal app a-Shell / a-Shell Mini, and the “get files” action in Shortcuts.

Here’s my note that somehow got into the sidebar, seen above the file explorer:


Thanks @CawlinTeffid for the explanation of the manoeuvre : it will help me clear this out until i would eventually know a bit more the why it happened to be pinned there at the first place !

EDIT: After checking, it seems that i don’t have such workspace-mobile.json into my .obsidian desktop folder !?

I’m sorry, I assumed that file would be synced back to desktop even tho it doesn’t use it. But I just checked and I don’t have that file on desktop, either, so I guess you’ll have to edit it on mobile.

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for my case my note pinned to the left sidebar when I used the show local graph core plugin

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Notes keep getting pinned to my left sidebar on iPad. It’s really frustrating, I have no idea how or why it happens, and then when I try to open them from quick switcher I get no response (until I realize they are pinned to sidebar)

Do you use the local graph?

No never any graph view for me

For anyone wondering, the shortcut to open it would look like this (except this is a screenshot from mac, that’s why it’s opening with “Finder”)

There is a plug in “reading comments” when you deactivate it and restart obsidian, in the right panel is a note saying that the note no longer exist or something like that, and you can tap open and search for a new note. Why is this? Idk.

Actually if you want open a note un each side bar, you can acivate oblogger plugin and automatically it create a left side bar entry, then deactivate the plug in and there is a note icon like an empty tab, just type open and look for the note you want, if you want to change this note just tap command palette and then quick switcher

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Today I learned (from _shrigma_ on Discord) that on tablet you can add notes to the sidebar by dragging them to the sidebar icon. Dragging to the sidebar itself (when pinned open) doesn’t work, and there’s still no way to do it on phone that I know of.

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