Faster Switching between Files, Search, Tags, Bookmarks in the sidebar on mobile

Could it be possible to place the the icons for Search, Files, Tags & Bookmarks in the sidebar to switch more quickly?

Obsidian for Android, Version 1.4.16 (114)


Or maybe offer swipe left/right actions to quickly switch view modes.

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More specific version of same complaint (only referring to search): [Mobile] Faster access to search bar in mobile app

A workaround:


I have the exact same request for the iOS version.
I think the right margin in the case of the left sidebar (or the left margin in the case of the right sidebar) could also be used for icon placement.

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Changed title and tag to “mobile” instead of “Android”.

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+1 for this request and still hoping it comes through…it’s pretty counter-intuitive to have to click that double arrow icon to find the search button, and doing that also breaks the rhythm/workflow.

I think having 0 or 1 tap access to the search bar is a well accepted convention for any app with a search bar.