Fast formatting of colored text?

Besides of highlichting and bolding my notes, I like to format parts in red, to do so I’m inserting a span tag:

<span style=color:red> red text </span>

but typing that stuff in is inefficient and sometimes I forget the exact code, so I was wondering if:

  1. there is an easier way to change the color of the text ?
  2. given that the easiest way is to insert that code, is there a plugin or a way to set a hotkey so that I can insert the code with, or (even better) select the text and then hit the hotkey ?

Thanks in advance

One way would be to use a text expander that can deal with the clipboard, you’d copy the text, then type the text abbreviation which would paste the text surrounded by the code. But I’m sure there are better options.

You could have a template for each color code then assign a hotkey to insert each color with Hotkeys for templates plugin

Or possibly adapt this CSS snippet:

oohh i’ve never seen this before… tnx for sharing!

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