Extracting categories of paragraphs from a bunch of notes

Hello, I have been using Obsidian for some time as a powerful Markdown editor and I am only now beginning to link notes, run data view queries and so on. I’m looking for some guidance in order to achieve a data extraction workflow like the following: I have quite a few journal notes in a folder structure. These are written in a “train of thought” prose style, which is more or less useless, but from time to time I find “insights” (pieces of personal though that I consider keeping for the future) and “gratefulness” reflections that I would like to extract dynamically.

My idea would be, whenever I find a paragraph that contain an insight or a gratefulness piece, mark the phrase or paragraph with “^insight” or “^grateful” and then throw a couple of Dataview queries in an index or Mac note to extract those paragraphs.

Would this be the best approach ? Are there any other plugins or workflow that would be suitable?

If you’ve got multiple blockId’s being the same as you’re suggesting you’ll only be able to link to one of them. And dataview aren’t able to extract that text without reading the contents of the files.

If you however use inline fields, the goal of yours could be achieved rather easily. See post below for the same kind of idea, but with slightly different keywords.

If you just wanted to list either category you could do this query:

LIST aInsight
WHERE insight
FLATTEN insight as aInsight

Given markup like: [insight:: Dataview is a powerful query tool].

I didn’t know about these Inline Fields. I think this is exactly what I was looking for, many thanks.

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