Extract Highlights Plugin

Somehow I never considered putting my comments inside the highlights! I’ve been putting them immediately after the highlight (these are mainly notes on my own in-progress work), but inside might be better. Thanks!

This plugin is super amazing and I just love your enthusiasm @akaalias ! I have noticed that my exported highlights are all truncated to what appears to be an equal line length. It’s tidy, but I can’t read all the highlights in the final file. I have to go back to the original document to read them. When I watch your demos, your full highlighted text shows up after pasting, even if it’s long. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @akaalias, I really like the Extract Highlights plugin and it makes life more fun. I just had a question. Is it passable to format how the highlight will be created? I really want it to be compatible with my Templater template for the note. I want to extract the key topics from test questions and then do a key topic note. so I highlight the key topics, extract the topics and then want to go and edit them. I have a template I want to use for them. Is there a way to say to the template to add any existing text to specified place? That could solve my problem. Ether way. Compatibility with Templater plugin?
Thanks for reading creating this plugin and all your efforts to improve it.

This is one of my most favorite plugins for shredding large content. It simply does something uniquely useful. Not too many plugins still have that going for them after 2 + years and no updates. Cheers to @akaalias !