Extract highlights from note

I’d like to see a plug-in where I can (3 is the plug-in):

  1. open a note,
  2. add highlights (== ==) as I read through it, and then at the end
  3. click a button or command which then copies all of the highlighted text either into:
    a) my clipboard,
    b) the top/botton of the note and selected for a next step,
    c) a designated area in the note such as {{highlights}}, or
    d) a new note.

The different options could be different commands, or configurable in settings.


I like this idea.

Great idea!

I also think it would be cool to show where your highlights are on the scrollbar, like the following screenshot of VS Code


this would be an awesome plugin. I can’t think of any workaround solution to achieve this easily without a plugin, would love for this to be made!


This would indeed be amazing. Just seeing the highlight will help you memorize a lot more.

Hi there @icebear!

I made a bare-bones version of this using a short-cut and the clipboard.

It’s super simple but I like it so far. Hope you’ll have some fun with it as well :slight_smile:

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So good!


thanks for making this @akaalias can’t wait to try it out, is it on the community plugins?