Extra newline between Latex equation blocks/a Latex equation block and a paragraph

I searched in the forum, seems that there is only one topic related. And it is about generating newlines with an empty $$ Latex equation call.

Steps to reproduce

- test case 1
    text here
- test case 2
-test case 3

Expected result

Text/equations right after a Latex equation block generated by $$sample equation$$, no extra space in between.

Actual result

There is a <br> below $$Latex equations$$. No such a problem with $Latex equation$`
(I’m using the mouse cursor to select all text so that newlines are easier to see)

code here :


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.10.1

Additional information

Yea I also came across that Bug several times.
Just got used to add an emtpy line after my $$Latex equation$$. Oddly that extra line will get rid of the
in viewing mode.