External Images over http don't load on Android preview

Before I go into full bug report, is there an issue with urls that are plain http
rather than https? My images are on my server, and I can access them without issue within the Win desktop Obsidian using


and it also works within android’s chrome when I type that in the address bar. But none of those images display within Obsidian on my Android device.

I searched the topics, but those mentioning urls and mobile are all marked s “archive” or “bug graveyard”, so I assume everything works.

I don’t understand this topic.

upload://58nS8rgTmZ23slX5pcoQfMKG6UJ.jpeg will only work here on discord.

edit OH, I see what you mean-- all my links were changed in my post. Don’t know why. They were in ‘format’ mode. I was using !\\[@filmgal\]\(\https://avatars.githubusercontent.com/u/30246308?s=60&v=4\)\]\(\https://github.com/filmgal\) as an example of what does appear on my phone when viewing an Obsidian page with a link to a picture.

I don’t undertand your reply at all.
I obviously have to add context to my post.

I have a note called Trip to Amsterdam in Obsidian, with 50 pictures.
Rather than put all those pictures in my vault and then linking, I leave them on my server and include them using the link: eg

Three Sisters Cafe in Rembrandtplein
and I link to the picture on my server:


In the desktop I see the picture.
On my Android phone I do not.
BUT, on my android phone I can see some pictures that are entered a similar way, as long as they come from a different website and not my server.

Hence asking about whether the difference is in using http vs https.

It doesn’t work in https?

Does your website have a a valid https certificate?

And I have a feeling that it would require an awful lot of technical Apach know-how on my end to figure out how to change it to https. I don’t use it for a webite, but just to serve docs and images, so I never bothered.

I can’t access that link either. It redirects me
To http://www2.lise.ca:84/picture/ThreeSistersCafe.jpg

File not found

that’s because the file doesn’t exist - I was using it as an example.
picture/ThreeSistersCafe.jpg with

I can view that but embedding it in an https page is problematic.

so it’s an Android thing? Because they work fine in Obsidian desktop. I mean, why would I have to use https when http works in Obsidian desktop?

Have you tried the new editor on desktop. Do they work there

What new editor? The beta WYSIWYG?
If the idea is that all my links will stopworking in a ‘new’ editor, then I’m really screwed because I have an awful lot of picture links in this way.

More to the point… If I can see them in Obsidian and can see them in a browser on my Pixel, then why can’t I see them in Obsidian for moblie?

no, they still work.

I think this may be a mobile problem/restriction.

Then I will report it as a bug, because it seems that Android itself (via browsers) has no problem displaying it, and neither does Obsidian Desktop. Or maybe as moderator you can just change this to a bug report?

Hi everyone,
It’s related to my post Android Obsidian could not retrieve web contents in some cases

Since API Level 28, Android denies any non-secure connection without configuration.
And recently, it denies HTTPS endpoint with the certificate which local CA signed is also denied even if certificate installed into device store.

Well that sucks. I’m relying on my server to serve all my photos. So even if I get a certficiate for my local server (that does nothing but serve photos to Obsidian) it won’t work because I’m in Canada?

Edit: I’m such an idiot. Goes to show how little I know about http certificates, that I interpret CA as Canada!

It will work. Try this https://letsencrypt.org/

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[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

Showed when I use URL with http protocol.

Actually, I might have some ideas on why this happens.

To be clear still, I’m not programmer nor know any programming/developing things. It’s just my small interest that sometimes I open Android apps’ .apk files and see what’s inside of these. There’s a file called AndroidManifest.xml there which works as the information of your package that declares things like what permission your app use and what components it has etc.

Starting from Android 9, using clear text traffic is denied by default, and the app need to declare a feature flag (not sure what’s that called officially) in the manifest file to reenable clear text traffics (Official docs) and then the app could use http:// links again.

For Obsidian, since user may have internet pictures, I think maybe it is better to add support for this.

Hope this helps @WhiteNoise

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