Extension of obsidian://hook-get-address URI scheme to support more than Hook

I use Timing.app to automatically track time spent on various projects on my Mac. It’s able to track most apps that I spend significant time in—with the notable exception of Obsidian.

In today’s 0.11.0 announcement, I saw the good news about a new URI scheme: obsidian://hook-get-address to fetch the Title and link to the currently open note.

I don’t use Hook, but tested this from a Terminal window with just open 'obsidian://hook-get-address' and it worked.

So I wonder, could this be extended or used by other apps (such as Timing) so it can give us better visibility into our daily use of Obsidian?


Followup: there’s a handy new plugin by @jplattel that addresses this:


I just submitted a PR so it updates on renames/deletes as well. Works great for Timing.app!


Hey @jplattel :wave:
I noticed you haven’t been around much on the forum or github. Was wondering if you saw my PR #4 and considered merging it? thanks

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Ha! Yeah, I don’t frequent the forums that often :wink:

As for Github, the PR is now merged and released as you might have noticed! :slight_smile:

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Yup - saw it this morning. Thanks for that, this is critical for me since my time tracking software relies on the window titles. Much appreciated. :+1:

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