Please put more meaningful information into the windows title for support 'timing' track document path

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Use case or problem

I hope ‘Timing’ can track ‘Obsidian’ open document path as ‘Typroa’
I think that maybe Timing’s bug so that I contacted support they. then They told me it is obsidian’s problem

right example ,typora

error exapmle , obsidian

Proposed solution

I think you should put more meaningful information into the window title.

Current workaround (optional)

『I can provide them with specific guidance on how to trivially (about ten lines of code) provide even more detailed information to Timing via a special AppleScript event handler.』 form Timing’s developers

Related feature requests (optional)

@HXHL see Extension of obsidian://hook-get-address URI scheme to support more than Hook

Thank you! I get your help.