Extend possibility of list styling to indent levels > 3

Firstly: I didn’t know if it should a feature request, bug report or just call for help, so my apologies if I misclassified this post.

As described in CSS snippet to control font size at a given list indent level?, I would like to be able to control the formatting of text at a given level of indent. Reason: I treat indents as nodes in a mind map, and that would allow me to quickly, visually browse a “map” (in my case a list), like I do in eg. MindManager. I prefer lists to headings since typing Enter > Tab is much quicker than eg. ‘#####’

I wrote the following CSS snippet to achieve my goal:


As you can see, for levels 1, 2 and 3 system behaves correctly. Unfortunately, for level 4 it takes the styling from level1, for 5: from level 2, etc. In general, it “circulates” the styling.

I suggest to

  1. either allow separate styling for at least the first 10 levels,
  2. or, if it’s not feasible, stop this circulation after level 3. That would allow me to style level 1 with eg 1em, level 2 with 0.9 em, and levels 3, 4, 5, 6, … with 0.7 em.

Many thanks in advance,



I am a non-techy neophyte business owner who uses Obsidian a lot but poorly. I don’t know to what extent the perspective of a non-typical Obsidian user is useful but I came looking expecting to find a plug-in for this seemingly obvious feature and what I am finding is this year-old posting with no follow-up. I assume I’m missing something. Either I should be using obsidian differently or I didn’t dig deep enough and there is another way to do this. Right?