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I need to share files with the web designer to be posted on the site, the files contain images, which makes it impossible to share as a markdown, I can export as PDF but it would be a lot of work for him to handle, the best option would be to export as HTML.

For now I’m using Typora just to export, but it gives me more work because it doesn’t recognize Obsidian attachments, and if I change to the full file path, it works in Typora but it doesn’t work in Obsidian.


it’s a good feature request, in the mid-time here are some suggestions for your current case

With Typora

Like you said Typora does a good job, perhaps you could try to see if Typora can detect the path of the images used, it might just be a matter of changing the format of obsidian images path to md links instead of wikilinks

This community plugin can help you with that:


that way if things are set up with a relative path in Typora you might be able to easily export from typora.

Other alternatives (With Obsidian)

I still think sharing the markdown file should be the best for a designer to deal with.

In order to do this, just put all the images you are using in a sub folder, if you do it from the obsidian left sidebar (in the file manager) links should update without any issues.

That way you can just send the markdown file with the link of attachments.

It’s all a matter of trying to use MDlinks format for more compatibality for the web designer and more importantly a well organized folder of the images used, that will be really easy for the web designer to deal with.

A new vault (best solution)

If all of this sounds a bit confusing, the easiest solution I would recommend is start a new vault, which contains only what you want the web designer to see and share the whole folder. That’s the easiest solution I can think of.

In my opinion it’s even better than using export to HTML since things are cleaner and easier for a webdesigner to organize the content.

Hope that helps!


That’s by far the best solution and easiest thing to do.

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Another option to use Brett Terpstra’s Marked app against the .md files and use the built-in export to HTML.

Marked 2 - Smarter tools for smarter writers

Marked 2 is also available in Setapp | The best apps for Mac in one suite.

@lsieverts I’m trying to get Marked 2 to play nice with Obsidian. Did you find a solution to get Marked 2 to (pre)process the Wikilinks?

When exporting pdf, some complex CSS formatting can be broken.

Also, exporting pdf doesn’t support dark mode. This means I have to have CSS exported for bright mode. this is frustrating.

The typora solution is to save the CSS when exporting html, so the user can export the document with dark mode CSS and then reprint the pdf, perfect solution.

Unfortunately typora CSS and Obsidian CSS are not compatible, and more importantly Obsidian links will not work in typora and will show the code

And in cases where iOS sync services are difficult, only iCloud and Obsidian sync can be used, and exporting html can help view documents on iOS.

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