Export text from Obsidian as rich text?


I use the Obsidian editor to write assessments for my students. I do so using Markdown, i.e. including italics and bold text.

How can I get this out of Obsidian? I have tried rendering the text and copying and pasting it, but that apparently removes all rich text additions; so all I get (when pasting it into a Pages document) is plain text.

Any ideas? I could not find anything here in the forum or elsewhere, but would be most grateful for any suggestions or practices for getting rich text out of Obsidian!

If you don’t want to mess with Pandoc (which I tend to use, but my documents may more complicated), you can export to pdf (clicking on the “More options” on top) and then copy-paste from there. It preserves basic formatting.

If you do use Pandoc, it can convert from markdown to docx.

Doesn’t copy&paste from the preview preserve the rich text for you?

Many thanks for the statement that I should expect preservation of rich text - made me think that it might have something to do with the theme I use (Shimmering Focus). With that, no preservation - however, when using the Minimal theme, rich text was indeed preserved! So, for the time being, a simple switch of the theme solves my problem. Will contact the developer of Shimmering Focus to inquire whether this could be added to this theme!

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