Export tagged Apple Notes Not in Folders, and Create a List of all Tag Names


In case this might be useful to anyone, I needed 1. to export my tagged Apple Notes and 2. Create a text list of all my Apple Notes Tag names. Apple Exporter only Exports Notes in Folders. These are pretty simple solutions.

To get the tagged notes out

  1. Create a new folder in apple notes - called mine “Exported Notes”
  2. Select the “all tags” tag at the top of the tag list. This displays all tagged notes
  3. Select all those notes - cmd-a
  4. Drag and drop all those notes into your new folder
  5. Now you can now use apple Exporter to get those notes out

To create a text list of all your tags

  1. Bring up your tags on the left
  2. Screen shot that list of tags… Press shift-cmd-4, drag and select all the displayed tag names, and save. This will be a png file
  3. Open the png file in Preview
  4. Though its an image file, you can now actually select those tag text names (right-click, drag mouse across all the tag names)
  5. Right-click copy, then past these into a new text file.

Now all your tag names are in a text file