Export Multiple Notes to PDF

When I share project notes with team members that don’t use Obsidian, the current method is to export each note. When there are 20 notes to a project, this takes a while. Is there anything in the roadmap to allow people to select multiple files on the selection window and then use the same export button that already exists?


Definitely the feature I am missing the most.
I kinda often need to share pdfs of reports, notes and other stuff.

Previously was using Ulysses, which lets you export multiple notes to pdf. Very sad, that Obsidian does not support this :c

Do you want one PDF per note, or one PDF with all notes?

If you want one PDF for all notes, one workaround might be to embed the individual notes in a single page, then create a PDF for that page. E.g.:


![[Page 1]]
![[Page 2]]
![[Page 3]]
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Well, I am mostly looking for a way to export either the whole vault to a single pdf or folders with all the notes in it into a single pdf.

The workaround is clever, thanks for that. However I would still prefer a native way of doing it. Because it can be very time consuming and error prone to embed every page by hand on larger vaults with many notes in it.

Is there a clever way to automatically create a ToC for a folder that will then automatically have the contents assembled to print as a single PDF file just by printing that one ToC file?

IOW, is there a way to avoid the manual process required to embed content?


That’s an interesting challenge! I almost got it working. The following DataviewJS code will transclude every file in the given directory into the current note. It looks fine when I preview it. But unfortunately I get an error when I try to print the PDF. I’m not sure why. :frowning:

// Gather all pages in the Scratch directory
const pages = dv.pages('"Scratch"')
    // Sort by file name
    .sort(page => page.file.path);
// For each page...
for (const page of pages) {
    // (except this one -- no infinite loops!)
    if (page.file.path == dv.current().file.path) { continue; }
    // ...create an embed link.
    dv.paragraph("![[" + page.file.path + "]]");
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+1 for this feature

Sometimes I need to review information outside of Obsidian. It would help a lot if I could group my notes in one PDF and export them. Having everything in one PDF is helpful because sometimes I just want to quickly read through the information.

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