Export Multiple Notes to PDF

When I share project notes with team members that don’t use Obsidian, the current method is to export each note. When there are 20 notes to a project, this takes a while. Is there anything in the roadmap to allow people to select multiple files on the selection window and then use the same export button that already exists?


Definitely the feature I am missing the most.
I kinda often need to share pdfs of reports, notes and other stuff.

Previously was using Ulysses, which lets you export multiple notes to pdf. Very sad, that Obsidian does not support this :c

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Do you want one PDF per note, or one PDF with all notes?

If you want one PDF for all notes, one workaround might be to embed the individual notes in a single page, then create a PDF for that page. E.g.:


![[Page 1]]
![[Page 2]]
![[Page 3]]

Well, I am mostly looking for a way to export either the whole vault to a single pdf or folders with all the notes in it into a single pdf.

The workaround is clever, thanks for that. However I would still prefer a native way of doing it. Because it can be very time consuming and error prone to embed every page by hand on larger vaults with many notes in it.


Is there a clever way to automatically create a ToC for a folder that will then automatically have the contents assembled to print as a single PDF file just by printing that one ToC file?

IOW, is there a way to avoid the manual process required to embed content?


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That’s an interesting challenge! I almost got it working. The following DataviewJS code will transclude every file in the given directory into the current note. It looks fine when I preview it. But unfortunately I get an error when I try to print the PDF. I’m not sure why. :frowning:

// Gather all pages in the Scratch directory
const pages = dv.pages('"Scratch"')
    // Sort by file name
    .sort(page => page.file.path);
// For each page...
for (const page of pages) {
    // (except this one -- no infinite loops!)
    if (page.file.path == dv.current().file.path) { continue; }
    // ...create an embed link.
    dv.paragraph("![[" + page.file.path + "]]");

+1 for this feature

Sometimes I need to review information outside of Obsidian. It would help a lot if I could group my notes in one PDF and export them. Having everything in one PDF is helpful because sometimes I just want to quickly read through the information.


I hope this feature will get added to Obsidian at some point.

I was thinking about how this feature could become as useful as possible, and there were a few things that came to mind. If this feature gets implemented, it would be best if several different export options are provided. For example, we can choose to export all of our notes in one PDF, or we can export only notes from specific sections as a PDF. When I say specific sections of our notes, I mean notes that contain a certain tag. For instance, I might pick a specific tag, such as the tag “#focus”, and all of the notes that contain this tag will be grouped and exported as a single PDF. Additionally, it would be useful if we could pick multiple tags to export together in one PDF, since sometimes several tags may be related to one another, so it would be best to export them together.

Also, when exporting based on tags, there should be an option to choose how much of our notes we want to export at a time. We may choose to export a single PDF that contains only notes with a specific tag(s), or we may decide to export all of our notes from that vault as a ZIP file where each of the tags is automatically saved as a separate PDF file.

To add to this, it would be useful if we were able to export our notes not only as PDF, but also in other popular formats such Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx). This is especially helpful because it would give us the flexibility to edit the documents after we export them.


Zoottelkeeper Plugin, or maybe Waypoint

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I just ran into this issue.

During the semester, I do my notes in Obsidean. For this one exam, we could only bring printed notes - and all of a sudden, I was between volcanic glass and a hard place… Either export my fairly organised notes to PDF one at a time, or combined with ![[ ]].
Neither has super good control over the layout.

Tried the Pandoc plugin, but never got it working, for either PDF or DOCX, due to attachment errors. Otherwise that would have been my third option.

I wrote a quick script that could combine all markdown files into one and then export it as a PDF. For now it is not correctly linking the files together, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

When I have some time I will make it a plugin and hope that some of you will be eager to test it, once it is published.

P.s. I know this was asked as a feature request for a core functionality, but since I need this feature myself, I thought I will give it a try.


Definitely a feature I’d be interested in. I’m trying to get my research notes for my thesis into Obsidian to keep them organised. It would be nice to be able to select certain notes that I want for a specific section and output all those together into a single PDF.

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  • 1 for this feature!
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Is there still no plugin that will merge all notes in to a folder and generate aq PDF out of it ?


'+ 1 for this feature


+1, would be immensely useful

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Use case or problem

I would like to be able to create documents that could independently serve as an interactive representation of a vault or part of a vault.

Proposed solution

Using the new export to PDF feature, the internal links could be leveraged to create a document with notes as pages and functioning links.

Current workaround (optional)

You could export separate PDFs and personally create bookmarks in pdf editor.

Related feature requests (optional)

My original help post: Interactive local PDF question


Option to export all notes in a folder, or selected ones, as individual pdf files.


Yes please.

Entire vault to a single PDF would be particularly helpful.


I think pandoc lets you do this, if that helps.