Expanding the usefulness of unlinked mentions

I have started referring to the unlinked mentions panel while working on chapters of my novel. It is great that as I type characters names, places, and items/concepts that I have researched, the documents I have already created pop up in the unlinked mentions. Some of the documents that show up in my unlinked mentions are:

  • character or place names in my series wiki (worldbuilding/series bible)
  • character sketches for the particular book
  • research articles that I have clipped

What would make this feature really useful is if there was a button or link that I could click to open those reference materials (jump or open in new window.) This is an existing feature request.

It would also be really helpful if the mentions pane would scroll synchronously with the document in the editor. Right now, it just stays on the top unlinked mention unless you scroll manually. You can jump from the unlinked mention to the referenced place in the document, but not vice versa.

I would also like to be able to do some simple grouping and filtering in the unlinked mentions panel. If I have 30 unlinked mentions to “Zachary”, the main character in the scene, I would like to be able to collapse or hide them all to see what other unlinked mentions exist. Or to examine the three different references to “Kenzie” and none of the rest. It would be nice to filter by mention location (just my series wiki references, or just my research file references, or just character sketches.)


+1 to filtering outlinks/unlinked mentions in the same way as backlinks, or graph filters!


+1 for filtering – I would like to tell unlinked mentions what to ignore in addition to tell it what to show in a filter


I had a little lookie at some logseq videos recently and I was impressed by the backlink filtering capabilities. I think you can filter the Backlinks to show links with a specific tag or a specific page. Looked cool.


+1 for having an unlinked mention button to open the unlinked note

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