Expanded Transclusion Functionality

Use case or problem

When I want to be able to edit text in one note and have that edited text updated in multiple notes that I have designated.

Proposed solution

When text gets embedded, there could be a new command available for that text that would allow you to convert all embeds to a “live” transclusion state.

I imagine two possible implementations:

  1. Every edit to the source text is immediately propagated to all live transclusions. Of course, for ease of use, it would make sense to have an update interval setting so that the vault isn’t slowed down unnecessarily.
  2. There is a command that must be triggered to update all the live transclusions.

Current workaround (optional)

You could use a mass search and replace. But it would require you not to accidentally edit the text. It would also require a lot of extra effort.

Related feature requests (optional)